Sunday, September 21, 2008

I was just told by a psychic that I am going to be alone for the rest of my life.... fuck!

So the show... was looking it over and thought ... "wait a minute, I have done nearly enough re-writes to this" so guess what guys... BACK TO STEP ONE! Two major reasons why I'm going back to the script, both have to do with money/resources... go figure right? The first and easier to explain is that like a dip shit I thought, "well, I’ll just write it how you want it and I won’t take into account the fact that I can't actually build a set and have to write everything for on location shooting". So that resulted in me writing most of it an elaborate set, well, not really elaborate but just expensive enough to not be able to do and just critical enough to not be able to change it. So that has to be different. But that would not in itself constitute an entire re-hauling of the script, however.... as I said before this was going to be a set of six 20-40 minute episodes kind of like a British sitcom (brit-com for those not in the know), only with characters you can understand. but alas, I have decided in my infinite wisdom that that really would be a lot of fucking work... and just shooting a pilot would not do it for me... its not really an episodic thing, despite the fact that I’m writing it in episodes. So what I’m thinking now is to take the main points, keep the funniest characters, re-tool the plot almost entirely and whittle it down to three 10-20 minute episodes. Because a half an hour to an hour of content is a whole hell of a lot more reasonable than two to four hours of it. Sorry guys I am in college remember that....but in a lot of ways I think this will make it better, because before I really only had a solid plot figured out for a few episodes and then directions I wanted to go with for the others... but I sat down this week and basically plotted out the entire thing. So it's a lot more of a solid concept right now. however I’m not entirely sure when I will get the chance to type this thing up, because now that I’m back in classes (even though I’m down to 12 credit hours) I still have butt-loads of things to do... things like watching all six star wars movies at Dustin’s house. (watching the last one tomorrow) and also hiding in my room and getting super excited about the Emmys which are apparently Sunday and I didn't know till I saw Joey Fatone on the TV guide channel pimping his red carpet interviewing skills. So I’d better go to bed so I can wake up and watch things tomorrow ... man is my life exhausting.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

nothing new to report

still waiting on notes for the script, I'm trying to decide between trying to film just the pilot or being a dick to everyone who offered to help and trying to write all 6 episodes and film them all at once. based on the way i wrote that sentence you can guess which way I'm leaning. in other news I've been getting increasingly better at the ancient oriental art of pseudo-quw (sudoku) and I'm likely to get my loan money in a couple of weeks... so yeah nothing but excitment on this end. lots of homework for my classes which i still barely feel like i'm in. alread missed a couple of assignment... wow i need to get back into school mode. my hearts jsut not in it yet ... i'm in fact so apathetic right now that i'm not even gongi to spell check this and make sure that every "i" is an "I" despite how much i like having things that refer to me, Simon Koch, capitalized... what ever i'm done.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

got to make this quick

So, I know... I fucked up. But I'm going to skip the apology and just get down to business. The script is typed... only 2 weeks after I said it would be. Now that I’ve got it out I can start the long laborious process of revising. Kind of like when you have a child and you know that you're going to raise it to be a decent human being... but unlike my real kids I’m not going to let this script slip into a life of gang warfare. Just kidding ... Harvey isn't in a gang. So I sent it over to the co-producer who unfortunately for you will probably be the only one to see it at this time. Fucking deal with it... unless I need more advise and you are an accredited reviewer of TV show pilot scripts... like me. So that’s about all for the business for now... music thing in the tag but you'll get there eventually.
So now, let me explain a few things that have been restricting my ability to produce things faster. School is a bitch, especially when you don’t have money for books. And for the first time in my career as a student I’m actually in classes that I need to read the books for. Dick move life... dick move. also I’m currently about a week late on my rent without the money to pay it... thank god my roommates are also deadbeats and can't pay their third otherwise I’d feel bad. campus fest was last Friday where I got to bounce between the UFO booth and the Bad Genetics booth... in all I had a good time hanging out with fellow org-ers, but I really have nothing to say to freshman about joining either of the groups... they know their not going to come to all that shit they sign up for... I didn't. And I know that’s not what campus fest is about, and hopefully I won’t be visited by the ghost of campus fest spirit. I’ve had some terrible past campus fests. Any ways, I’ve started my creative writing classes and damn I got a lot of non-script stuff to write (including 2 stories by tomorrow that I haven’t started or thought about yet) so between school, and career problems I’m about as relaxed as....uhhh something that’s not that FUCKING RELAXED, GOT IT!

So for background noise I’ve been going through TV shows in my collection, starting with undergrads, and I just finished up mission hill, so of course clone high is next.... I’ll probably continue in that order for a while. in one of my writing classes I over herd some of the pretentious nerds who studies that crap full time say that they recently re-read a book for the fifth time and I instantly looked down on them... then I realized I’ve seen the entire run of Futurma at least 5 times. So that made me feel shitty, but whatever we're all nerd in some way or another. Except me... and people who act exactly like me I suppose. What ever it's late and I’m being incoherent and I’ve got tons of shit to do still so lets wrap this up

So (just had to throw that in to make it so every paragraph started with so) music I’m listening too: besides some Travis Morrison, Metro Station and Cyndi Lauper, I found this band off the front page of you tube called Noah and the Whale. pretty good but what’s funny and also relates back to the show, this particular song I’m linking you too sounds very VERY similar, in the types of instruments and general feel to what Mr. William Hooper and I had planned for the theme song... but just remember, we are not stealing this sound because we had it figured out before I even heard of this band, so now enjoy ‘5 years time’, and what may possible be the first look for most of you at the tone (musically anyways) that I’m hoping to set in my show… unless the fact that it’s to similar gets to me and I make Hoop dog (sorry, Will) redo it from scratch.

Sorry if you were hoping for something more gritty