Sunday, November 9, 2008

and it's been awhile.... since I could... remember the rest of those words to that crappy song

yeah right, so its been something like a month sine i posted anything... my bad. but you know i want to keep this for info about my pre-career work, and I've been pretty fully devoted to my school work. lame i know. I'm sure my hiatus has discouraged both of my readers so there really is no point in me doing this anymore. but just like film school not having a reason to do it is apparently good enough for me.

So yeah, pre-career stuff. my hobo show has been seriously pushed back due to various reasons including a complete overhaul of the format. so hopefully I'll get a chance to work on that over winter break.

I also wrote a script for major event (a bgsu film major requirement in which all film majors pretend they have a good idea and allow themselves to let people they don't know criticize it) the basic concept of which was, besides shit i have to have a script under 10 pages, that a good guy is walking down the street with a bad guy and they bad guy gets hit by a car. deep i know. but I'll never do anything with that; unless professor Vasquez asks then i turned it into a script competition and had it WGA registered.
Also scripts for Bad Genetics are coming and going. with our serious upheaval in the amount of short sketches we're doing this year we have been needing a goat load of scripts and while I'm trying to sit back and let other people, under my mighty reign as co-head staff writer, get their chance to produce their scripts, I'm still getting a lot of time to help out on shoots. i was producer-ing some of them but I've decide to go back to my roots and blow all my money on uselessly obscure dvds. so yeah, Simon is poor again. So don't ask me for money... I'll ask you.

since i feel like after so long i need to post more I'm going to come up with a project on the fly and tell you I'm working on it. the idea is that a fat guy asks the girl of his dreams to marry him and she says she wants him to get healthier. and he feels like he is being asked to change his subcultural identity and decides that it is a terrible thing to ask someone to do so he leaves her and lives his life alone and sad but content that he knows who he is. its a heart warming drama with a significant ideological meaning, but it stars a fat guy so everyone will think its a comedy. seriously i was watching heavyweights the over day (one of the dvds i blew my money on) and the film which i recalled as being the most powerful statement about fat culture being something to be proud of, was still telling fat people that they have to change. i want to make something that praises the delight of cellulite. as someone who is a white man with nothing else to cling on i take it very serious. what makes being fat as a subculture great is that anyone can join, but at the same time the most successful fat people lose their fat. but what ever, your probably just looking at this and thinking "wait Simon is proud of being fat? what a delusional blubber burgling fatty McPork sandwich. but yeah ... that script will never get made.

starting to kind of look for internships i know i have to do one this summer and I've already got an offer to be roommates with someone in NYC who might have just been trying to be polite. but if that's the case I'm still going to guilt my way on to their lease.

scheduled for classes for next semester and I know i just said i wouldn't talk about personal things right before going into a fat person rant, but its kind of related in that i found out that i can only take 2 more film classes until i graduate in a year and a half(and yes I'm stocked (stoked... have i been spelling that wrong for years?) to find out that i can still graduate on time... thought i fucked that up). but yeah most of the rest of my time here will be to complete my creative writing minor which i thought about changing but have recently decided against. i hate to admit it but poetry is pretty fun. even though focusing my minor on fiction might help me more i might focus it on poetry so that i don't have to read as much. and so i can be more pretentious... who doesn't love being pretentious.

so i guess that's all now for what I'm listening too:
The Top by Francis and the Lights... perfect for people who want a white Prince