Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Introducing Sim Sim

let me know if this is working for any of you

Thursday, December 25, 2008

And to all...

Merry Christmas... and to all you non Christmas supporters enjoy your December 25th. I've only got a little bit to type before i go to work ... yeah some of us have to work on Christmas day ... and some f us are also getting time and a half. So lets make this quick. grades came in... i got : 2 B's, a C, an INC, couple of S's, some 12's and a two pair queens high. but apparently that's a lot better than i thought it was. I'm not on academic probation. my final project for Moonsik's digital film and technology class is up on you tube. i can use this space to make excuses for all the things i feel are bellow my capabilities. first of all it was severely rushed that's why there is no music in it at all, and also why there is a planet that is literally a circle with its name written on it in front of an ms paint star scape. I'm not going to post it here but i will put the link, because it actually fills the new wide screen youtube boxes also of the page you can click "watch in HD" but for some reason the HD version of the film drops frames and looses 30 seconds of footage by the end, which makes the audio and video not match up at all. any ways:


well any ways i got 2 and a half weeks till school starts again and the things i need to write while home include : bad genetics skit, script fro falcon film festival, new draft of hobo show (still don't know what i want to do with it) and a police report explaining why i snapped working Christmas day at a gas station when some asshole complained that they didn't get their 2 cents off of gas. you'd think people would be nicer this time of year, but they are even more asshole-ish than ever. oh well, i need the money and at least this job doesn't leave my mouth numb. I'm of course talking about when i became a test subject for dentistry students.

What I'm listening to:
Video game commentary, it is the funniest stuff I've ever herd. these people take it so seriously and if your lucky they have funny accents.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Remember when you were young and naive... and you thought the internet would never run out

each and every day more and more people beg me .. "Simon, Simon... for the love of everything cute please update your blog or I'll kill myself" and it only took 3 of them going through with it to actually get me on here. well that's a lie ... I'm only here case i don't want to start working on finals stuff and the internet is empty of fresh content ... i was searching random people i know from school in Google and it turns out a lot of them also keep blogs... blogs which i am to lazy to read and haven't been updated in months, but still. now here is why this upsets me (and I'll get to my professional update in a minute) Friday during my weekly buffet club meeting, I'm one of the founding AND fattest members, my "friends" pointed out to me that i may exhibit a lot of common traits with a conventional social subset known most commonly as "hipsters." i have never thought of myself as a subscriber to the hipster identity nor any other identity (besides hopeless romantics and fat people) and it bothers me that i can be classified as a cliche'. but the more i thought about it, the more i think ... wow almost everybody i associate with has a blog, and hipsters are known for trying not to be hipsters, and according to my once again quotation-marked "friends" i have a messenger bag which is apparently something only hipsters have... seriously ... i though messenger bags were normal. i thought further and realized, I'm a film major, who writes, and is obsessed with going to New York... God damn it ... its very depressing. but any ways ... i cant let this affect how i run my life, cause then I'm trying to not be something which is just as bad or worse than trying to be something, so i figure all i can do is slowly work more polo's into my wardrobe. my blog has also been called to wordy, so i guess I'll try and get to the point.

professionally I'm exactly where I've been for months. head full of ideas, no time to put any of them together because I'm to busy procrastinating things, and dreaming that one day i wont be procrastinating. but supposedly I've got things coming together down the pipeline. Greg and i have briefly talked about when we're filming the hobo show... looks like probably next fall giving me all summer to get the scripts just right which i will need since i keep reformatting them every time i get them together (I'm thinking about going back to 6 episodes). and the bad genetics stuff is finally smoothed out enough that i might actually get a chance to write something. also been putting some recent thought into my self published poem / comic book idea. i guess I'm going to have a sequel to Space Force Five up sometime this week, but really ... don't get excited about it. it was just for a class assignment to show that i can edit split screen and put "lazers" over footage.

started looking for summer internships, so anyone with connections now is the time to pass them along to me. I'm going to be in new york for the summer, one way or another. and i'd like to be getting school credit for it. ones I'm looking at include: writing assistant for the Connan O'Brien show, development for comedy central, and suppream overlord of the east coast. other incredibly delusional suggestions welcome ... (realistic ones will be accepted begrudgingly)

well my attention span for writing these things is really short and I've been at this for over 4 minutes now ... so I'm going to go take a nap and wake up to watch some more TV before i play some online games and maybe eventually get to finals papers.

oh yeah what i'm listening to :
lets go with Tally Hall, they are a semi-successful band out of Anne Arbor Michigan (20 minutes or so down the road from me) but their videos are amazing and they are producing a web show that has a new episode every other Monday on their website www.tallyhall.com