Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm on a Mission

So yeah. been a LOOOONG time since i posted ... well buddy, that's going to change because I've just hatched a new scheme. the idea child of two things present in my life currently - 1 = the poetry class with the teacher who told me she decided she was going to write something like 200 haiku's over the course of a year and did, and 2 = the arrival of the last thing i ordered off amazon: "Created by... Inside the Minds of TV's Top Show Creators" by Steven Prigge'. if you haven't guessed it by now i am vowing to create rough outlines for 50 different TV series' over the course of the next year. working out to roughly 1 a week. it no secret My life goal is to create (and have produced) at least one TV series, so now it's time hone the craft. I've penned around 5 well thought out, fully developed sitcoms in my life, but this will be more of an exercise in thinking about shows and practicing development of ideas. I'll be posting what i can here and hopefully all you Hollywood execs wont steal them all. my goal will be to have developed everything in the series up to (and not including) writing the pilot episode. so expect the first one sometime in the next week.