Sunday, August 24, 2008


Ok so i meant to say something in the last blog but i forgot... the excellent film "Fortune Cookie" directed by Emily Berens, D.P.ed by that Steve guy i spoke of, and written by me, is up on you tube... so please take a moment to enjoy

State of the Simon Address: Third quarter report ... not really, just a normal blog

Sorry, I know I missed last week’s entry... unless you count my Friday post about leaving my hometown, which I don't. So what have I done with my first week after returning to the BG lifestyle? Well, really, not much... a lot of caching up, and if I haven't made it a point to see you and you’re located in the BG area please get at me as soon as physically possible. But enough making the people I'm avoiding think I’m not actually avoiding them, let’s get to business.
Script is getting typed ... I'm hoping to wake up early tomorrow and finish it up then go through on a rough first revision. But since I'm probably not going to wake up until 3pm, that might not happen. but I’m on my word of allowing anyone who reads this the opportunity to slap me in the face and such if I don't get it done by Monday* (*Read SFK:B #5 - Straight up business... in my pants) on the production front though, big news. A lot of my major crew roles have been acquired. Some of them might not remember it because they agreed to it while drinking at Theresa's party Friday night. But whatever it’s on the internet now so it’s official and I'm holding them all too it. Starting with local (sort of) film Guru Steve Hildreth as D.P. Mark Huber as Head/Only Editor. And coming in as producer / pre-production bitch, Greg Mullin. ohhh and directing.... well me of course... SUCK IT!
But let me say something about the newly confirmed producer of the Untitled Simon Koch project, Greg Mullin. Some of you may be thinking "well wait a minute I want a cool job like that working with one of my all time greatest film making idols, Simon Koch, how come this schmuck gets to do it." well let me answer that by offering you folks a link to Greg's New Blog : There's Got To Be A Better Way. I would sincerely recommend it to any fans of this Blog... because if you like hearing me talk about how awesome I am, you're sure to like someone else talking about how awesome I am. And if anyone else wants to post internet content describing how I've positively influenced your lives... there’s still a lot of cast and crew positions available.
So anyways, classes Monday, at like 9:30... AM! I know ridiculous. But I've got a pretty nice schedules with classes that should help my to better serve you, the future super fans of my work. Well all except anthropology... but you know gen-eds. other than classes I've got all my roommates moved in now... pretty cool bunch of people. Jeremy, Libby, Mike, Jackie(y?), some dogs, some ferrets, and some turtles. If it came to it I wouldn't mind being abducted by aliens and forced to compete against other houses in various physical and mental abilities... although the true meaning of the test would be about teamwork… but you all knew that.
Well that’s all for now. See you next Saturday night/ Sunday morning... fuck... its 6 am.

Music I've been listening too: (yeah still doing this)
I bought the Justice album "t" and its really good, especially "The Party". Also I've been listening to the following song a lot more than usual. It’s Start Over by The Abandoned Pools… enjoy.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I say this with the kind of sincerity that only Chris Martin can express

Bainbridge, I'll miss you. go ahead and put on homecoming by Kanye West and pretend its about you and from me... then put on Kanyes work out plan, just because that a cool song. Lates hometown people.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

What if I, hypothetically, didn't want to think of a creative title?

I bought this camera at a garage sale. It's a 16 mm Keystone B-1. I tried loading in some of the extra 16 mm film I had lying around my room, but it’s apparently more complicated than I thought, or it's broken. Either way, if any of my experienced readers have any knowledge on the Keystone B-1 16 mm film camera, please let me know.

So, Anyways. Script is coming along, revising and all that; also I don't think I've actually done anything with it. But I have been giving what little time I can spare to other show aspects. Aspects that may seem ridiculously premature to even start thinking about at this stage in the process, but aspects none the less. I talk of course about the one thing that either makes or breaks all sitcoms; you got it, the theme music. me and my talented composer, Will Hooper sat down the other day and hammered out what will become the first 30 to 45 seconds of each episode... audibly anyways... unless I put in cold opens... not that I expect you to know what cold opens are... whatever its just semantics. but yeah, the very talented Mr. Hooper worked with me and my terrible backwards hypocritical way of describing what I want to try and figure out just what the tone and melody should sound like, as well as preparing an orchestral slew of sounds that come together to form the beautifully junky representation of my half-houred hobo hilarities... have I told you the show is about hobos. Anyways. Now that the immense pressure of figuring out a theme song is off my mind I am free to more clearly envision my Frankenstein-ish creation. So now let’s move on.
I don't know if any of you have heard of this new thing the world has offered us tech savvy individuals. No it’s not mmorpsg's (massive multiplayer online role playing sex games), it’s Podcasts. Yes, only a half a decade after their widely popularized, do I discover that that techno-babel actually translates to "free videos about things I might actually care about". One in particular I have recently "subscribed to" (in layman’s terms that mean I've signed up to get them on a subscription like basis) is Indy Mogul - DIY Film making. These guys get me; they basically post videos on how to make cheap video equipment and how to trick an audience into thinking their watching something good. Its like having my own downloadable Steven Hildreth. (This joke is exclusively for the 2 people who will both read this and know who Steve Hildreth is... one of which may in fact be Steve Hildreth). The only problem is that for some reason my versions of their podcast files are all botched up and look terribly distorted. This wouldn't be as much of a problem if the point of the show didn't frequently rely on showing slight differences between visual footage. Maybe it's fate telling me to get out of film making before I waste more money, or maybe it’s the result of trying to download all 47 back-logged podcasts all at once.
And speaking of money, what's the deal with that... like seriously I've been working full time, you'd figure I'd have some left over. It’s not like I spent hundreds of dollars on useless things that I may never think about after 5 minutes of owning them, and speaking of, I just bought Zoolander on dvd... but only because I couldn't find Night at the Roxbury’s. I'm looking into loans and stuff now, done with work for the summer job, getting ready to move back up to BG next Saturday. And I'll tell you what, I'm jonesing for some king buffet, max facts. (Tell me when "max facts" catches on… it means like seriously.) So I guess this is the last blogtry until I'm in BG. so from Bainbridge this is Goodbye... or to Bainbridge this is ... what ever. Bye.

Also I miss the MySpace blog function of posting what I’m listening to so I’m just going to start telling you afterwards what was happening in my headphones as I typed what is easily $5 worth of comedy. This time it was :

Last Years Model, ok band, but I think it’s an angry beavers reference, so that makes it sound even better.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I think news anchors favorite stories have to be about exotic snakes that go missing.

So it's Saturday night. Woo. To celebrate I bought the first season of the Ricky Gervais show on iTunes, even though I've heard clips of most of it, I felt I should own it. Also I bought some movies today, Spiderman 1 and 2, and King Kong. They were used and really cheap, but the point is I'm quickly burning through all the money I've saved up through the summer. Actually I'm soon to stop bringing in money, going into my last week of work. So that'll be fun. Fafsa finished, now I need to get a loan for a computer and to make sure I have money for rent and stuff.
Wow... this is boring crap. I kind of feel like this blog should be about Simon the writer/director/ everything else cool, not Simon the student/ gas station attendant; and since I didn't work on my script or other cool stuff, I really don't feel like I should keep talking. Also I can’t concentrate while listening to this hilarious Gervais show. Sorry. I'll try and get something worth talking about done by next Saturday.