Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Angry at People

Dear College Humor,
I enjoy checking your site regularly. It provides me with a great way to kill hours between classes, and also keeps me informed of all the latest Internet fads. Your original content is really entertaining too! However, I must express my concern with a certain advertisement that has been appearing on your site recently. Usually I can see how your ad placements reflect the interests of your core demographic, but I am confused on why you would attempt to market that stupid ventriloquist guys lame ass show, Jeff Dumingham or whatever. As far as I can tell college students don’t find him funny unless they are themselves unfunny; or they have drank themselves into a stupor in which they, like 5-year-olds, can only concentrate on puppets. Instead, if you had a site which was called I could see how this would be a connection to your audience.
Don’t get me wrong, I understand the need for advertising and fully appreciate that sponsors are the reason you can continue to make me laugh. Although, I will unfortunately not be able to check you site for the duration of this ad, as the mere thought of Dumb-ham makes me want to jump out of a window. He is so bad, he almost makes me miss Carlos Mencia. If you could please let me know when the ad for his show will stop running I’d greatly appreciate it.
Simon Koch
Senior- Bowling Green State University