Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Got my iMac in the mail today and i am making my first post from the non windows world. since i have time while all kinds of programs that i may or may not need are updating and doing whatever it is programs do while no on is around ... drink i assume. any ways, THIS THING IS SO BAD ASS! i wish i could have sex with it... but i didn't buy that upgrade. speaking of for you nerds out there its the 20 inch 2.66 ghz with 2 gb ram and 320 gb hard drive. thats all for now i've got cool person things to do.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

crazy busy

sorry guys... but i am just way to busy as of late to post stuff. our 48 hours film which was this weekend fell apart and I've got about 3-4 scripts to write for various other stuff. papers and stuff too. I'll try to post some more details on why my life has been crazy hectic sometime... but not to soon.