Thursday, April 11, 2013

Es, Eye, Emm, Oh, En. Imagine the cheerleaders of my mind spelling that out

So i almost forgot about this for another couple of years (did i really not make a single post in 2012... i guess it was a kinda shitty year) but at the last minute i decided to not do that thing... the thing. so here's what im ready to talk about. as my re-entry to L.A. Looms imminently on the ever widening horizon (that's a fancy way of saying soon, but iunno when exactly)I've looked back on my previous trek westward which was fraught (but not like fraught in a negative way, fraught in like a "of this cookie is fraught with chocolate chips" kinda way) with the filmmakers drive that burns like an ulcer in my stomach on spaghetti night. The last time i drove to L.A. was with my brother of the cosmos Matty J Smith and we stopped all over this country's landmarks making up dirty lies about them all the way. the series we called "American Wheel Brothers: Education" we filmed 1 or 2 a day, and i edited them on mu grrlls mac book while Matt drove. 9 episodes total, though the last one never made it to air (web air... i mean like we never uploaded it) it took us about 4 or 5 episodes to figure out how to use the mic right, but i think we settled into something pretty entertaining, and by which i mean i just watched them and felt good as apposed to my first couple college movies i watch and feel bad about. I basically rate movies with the same chart doctors use to ask children how much pain their in and this was the smiley face that's happy but not so happy he shows his teeth. anyways. check them out they are on youtubez under TheyHurtTheCity which was a thing i did but i guess I'll talk about that another time. I did make a pretty touching clip show from all the best footage and put it to Matt's hilarious song "Rap Snax" which we used for the theme of the show. so i don't think I'll be making another show on this next trip out, (since i lack the fine equipment of my compadre) but surely as the major driving force for me to quote un quote (yes i know i could just use actual ""'s) grow up and move out of my parents house is, yes to move in with my very patient fiance, but also to make more hobby films with Matt and other cherished cast members of my life. so thinking about a season 2, has been on my mind. and there are a few different ways i am thinking we could take it (one of which being to move on and make season 2 into season 1 of something less slap-dash) including touring different parts of the city with the same general motif, green screening our selves into space and making it American wheel brothers: trans-terrestrial, or even playing off the continuing story of matts ghoulish infection which culminated in a finally that no one has, and maybe shouldn't ever see. as well i want to review movies in a funny way with Branden when i get out there ...but that's pretty cut and dry. Man i do not have the attention span to type more than this, So in short... spread your Cheeks L.A. cause I'm coming. and I've got plenty of filmz to makes. Simon's career lull is coming to a close, and pun pun whatever you get it goodbye.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Simon: from rags to nicer rags

headline: Simon still sits around not being productive... world waits with baited breath. so I've been keeping sketch ideas in my iPhone notes app, and yes the important thing to take from that sentence is that i have an iPhone. these sketches range from the dream i had where what eating Gilbert grape took place in a dieing movie rental house, to john Wayne footage with fart sounds added every time he takes a step. some pure gold in there I'm sure. but for the sake of not tipping my hand (cause it really isn't a very good hand) i wont divulge any more A+ Number 1 Ideas .... whats that? ok... one more: a gritty looking alley way, a man leans against a wall smoking a cigarette, suddenly another man walks up to him and asks for a light. off screen we hear a director yell "cut" and pull back to see it is a movie set, the man who asked for the light grabs one of the arri film lights and runs off. so yeah i guess I'm still into making movies but my goal right now is to get to l.a. and find a job that pays well doing anything i can then work on the film stuff on the side. so yeah... not jaded at all. anyways. i recently watched all of the web series "sonic for hire" on machinima s you tube page, its OK, i like it cause i get most of the references, but it is one of those things that's clearly trying to hard to be vulgar/funny and that's kind of annoying, but what can i say i sat through it, and even though they are 2 minute episodes they are into the 6th season of it and have over 2 hours of content. so for now I'll leave you with the soothing sounds of smash mouth's all star* *participants must imagine song in their own head to qualify

Monday, March 11, 2013

simons back, back again...

ok so I'm not going to make a big deal out of it or anything cause at this points there are more posts on this blog about how I'm coming back to the blogosphere and for good this time, then long LONG gaps in posts; then there are not posts that say that. so I'm going to try to do a few before letting on that I have done any. See I've matured a lot. so i guess i talk about my professional life/ celebrity status here which at the moment is in both cases a resounding, "wait-what" so here's the quick run down of the past couple years... graduated college -> saved up to move to L.A. -> moved to L.A. -> blew all my money in L.A. -> back to saving up... oh also i got engaged in there at some point. so I'm working at being a toy dealer at the moment which leaves me plenty of time to work on writing and film projects, although i do not. but I'm pretty close to being back to L.A. with the fiance' this time. this summer for sure. unless its not sure in which case ignore that i said for sure. so anyways rather than fill the third paragraph with empty promises (of which i am the Picasso of) i'll jump right to what is usually the fourth paragraph and talk about some media thing i'm into presently. which is the Children's TV show (a little out of my wheel house i know) "Dan Vs." on the Hub. Now for those of you that don't follow the trade mags the Hub is a new children's network owned by Hasbro which is pretty much entirely designed to promote their toys, and they would have probably have gone belly up if not for the inexplicable fan base of their my little pony's show. Dan Vs. is one of their few and far between shows that arnt based off a toy line (yet) and its about an angry guy, Dan, who seeks revenge on things that cause him minor inconveniences. what it has going for it is some great voice actors, Curtis armstron is the titular character, and cause i wouldn't expect you to know off hand that is the guy who played booger in the revenge of the nerds movies, Dave foley as chris dans best friend, i heard he was screwed buy alimony that was established while he was making tons of money on news radio so he pretty much has to work constantly to eat, and paget brewster as chris wife, she was the voice of bird girl on Harvey bird man attorney at law which was just a spanking good show. what i like about watching these is that it has a very nice middle ground of tone. Dan is crazy violent and often wants to murder people for minor things, and unlike most shows that are too worried about violent images this show will have him hurting stangers and pointing guns at people all manner of tom and jerry style antics not currently embraced by mothers, but it also doesn't tip the hand the other way and feel like its intentionally trying to be shocking and violent to express humor. so i got the first season dvd for $6 and am really enjoying it. if you find yourself playing hooky from work one day and flipping channels i'd say check it out, im giving it 12 out of 15 simon stars* (*open market value for simons stars ~ $2.78) aaaaaannnndddd i've forgoten how to end these.... soooooo...... yeah ... bye ....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Review of the design work of Simon, Simon, and Sons.

Long time viewers may notice the new look. Recently, I hired the Blog design group that is me to freshen the place up, and frankly they did an awful job. Maybe it was the one outdated PC they had to run their entire operation, or maybe the fact that they did it in 45 minutes, but either way I would recommend not recommending this design firm to update you're next blog or e-vite. their work fills all necessary requirements, (pictures of me not from when I was 19, not being the same design it was, and still being a blog) but it lacks a level of professionalism and clear grasp of competence that one should expect when hiring graphic designers.

and with that I'm opening the Design Me A New Blog / If Anyone Knows A Graphic Designer They Can Recommend To Me Whom Does Stupid Stuff Like This For Free I'd Really Appreciate It Contest. One winner will have the honor of having designed and/or recommended a blog-designer (blogsigner) to me. Also a signed copy of something around me.

Till next time, Be excellent to each other, and PARTY ON DUDES!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Loss of a friend

After my recent post i went back to look at my older posts and found to my surprise that the videos of my old friend and creation, Sim Sim, had been taken down. i attempted to fill out a new sim sim video on the Xtra Normal Website... it was good to hear his voice again, but upon attempting to export it turned out that the service was no longer available for free. and with that Sim Sim officially died. if you would all pour some crystal out for my friend, I'd appreciate it.

Sim Sim
2008 - 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

shhh... I'm back

My old roommate Greg Mullin said the word "blog" on facebook and made me realize its been a long ass time since I impressed everyone with my whimsical musings... but since I (and you) know I'm prone to not finishing things, I'll try and make a few posts before revealing to the unsuspecting public that I'm back (hence the "shhh" in the title)

So i have a degree now. Film production with a minor in poetry. In short I'm smarter/artier/adjective you respect'er than anyone you or your grammy know. and that's on paper.

But i could spend all day filling you in on my impressive exploits post-ceeding the inauspicious former blog posting. instead I'll do what i am better at and that's hilariously poking fun at myself by making self admitted empty promises. Like that one a little bit ago that said i was going to be posting more... hell I'm not even going to post this unless the cat accidentally sits on the enter key.

So either way SFK:B 2.0 will focus on more projects of varying media, including award winning poetry, my underground comic book publishing, independent toy line production... just about everything except film ... also film. I'll also not just be talking about my own empty promises but the empty promises of those I know too. so if your in the center of that venn-diagram between media makers and my extensive fan-base, Get a hold of me about interviewing you or something. I'll start off with a review of Cleveland based indie 8-bit music group _node_... s'alright. see there is a total value to reading this. now you know that _node_ is, as one journalist recently wrote, "s'alright".

expect more soon. Totally.

P.S. that 50 TV shows thing... worked out amazingly.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm on a Mission

So yeah. been a LOOOONG time since i posted ... well buddy, that's going to change because I've just hatched a new scheme. the idea child of two things present in my life currently - 1 = the poetry class with the teacher who told me she decided she was going to write something like 200 haiku's over the course of a year and did, and 2 = the arrival of the last thing i ordered off amazon: "Created by... Inside the Minds of TV's Top Show Creators" by Steven Prigge'. if you haven't guessed it by now i am vowing to create rough outlines for 50 different TV series' over the course of the next year. working out to roughly 1 a week. it no secret My life goal is to create (and have produced) at least one TV series, so now it's time hone the craft. I've penned around 5 well thought out, fully developed sitcoms in my life, but this will be more of an exercise in thinking about shows and practicing development of ideas. I'll be posting what i can here and hopefully all you Hollywood execs wont steal them all. my goal will be to have developed everything in the series up to (and not including) writing the pilot episode. so expect the first one sometime in the next week.