Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Review of the design work of Simon, Simon, and Sons.

Long time viewers may notice the new look. Recently, I hired the Blog design group that is me to freshen the place up, and frankly they did an awful job. Maybe it was the one outdated PC they had to run their entire operation, or maybe the fact that they did it in 45 minutes, but either way I would recommend not recommending this design firm to update you're next blog or e-vite. their work fills all necessary requirements, (pictures of me not from when I was 19, not being the same design it was, and still being a blog) but it lacks a level of professionalism and clear grasp of competence that one should expect when hiring graphic designers.

and with that I'm opening the Design Me A New Blog / If Anyone Knows A Graphic Designer They Can Recommend To Me Whom Does Stupid Stuff Like This For Free I'd Really Appreciate It Contest. One winner will have the honor of having designed and/or recommended a blog-designer (blogsigner) to me. Also a signed copy of something around me.

Till next time, Be excellent to each other, and PARTY ON DUDES!

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