Monday, August 22, 2011

shhh... I'm back

My old roommate Greg Mullin said the word "blog" on facebook and made me realize its been a long ass time since I impressed everyone with my whimsical musings... but since I (and you) know I'm prone to not finishing things, I'll try and make a few posts before revealing to the unsuspecting public that I'm back (hence the "shhh" in the title)

So i have a degree now. Film production with a minor in poetry. In short I'm smarter/artier/adjective you respect'er than anyone you or your grammy know. and that's on paper.

But i could spend all day filling you in on my impressive exploits post-ceeding the inauspicious former blog posting. instead I'll do what i am better at and that's hilariously poking fun at myself by making self admitted empty promises. Like that one a little bit ago that said i was going to be posting more... hell I'm not even going to post this unless the cat accidentally sits on the enter key.

So either way SFK:B 2.0 will focus on more projects of varying media, including award winning poetry, my underground comic book publishing, independent toy line production... just about everything except film ... also film. I'll also not just be talking about my own empty promises but the empty promises of those I know too. so if your in the center of that venn-diagram between media makers and my extensive fan-base, Get a hold of me about interviewing you or something. I'll start off with a review of Cleveland based indie 8-bit music group _node_... s'alright. see there is a total value to reading this. now you know that _node_ is, as one journalist recently wrote, "s'alright".

expect more soon. Totally.

P.S. that 50 TV shows thing... worked out amazingly.

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