Thursday, April 11, 2013

Es, Eye, Emm, Oh, En. Imagine the cheerleaders of my mind spelling that out

So i almost forgot about this for another couple of years (did i really not make a single post in 2012... i guess it was a kinda shitty year) but at the last minute i decided to not do that thing... the thing. so here's what im ready to talk about. as my re-entry to L.A. Looms imminently on the ever widening horizon (that's a fancy way of saying soon, but iunno when exactly)I've looked back on my previous trek westward which was fraught (but not like fraught in a negative way, fraught in like a "of this cookie is fraught with chocolate chips" kinda way) with the filmmakers drive that burns like an ulcer in my stomach on spaghetti night. The last time i drove to L.A. was with my brother of the cosmos Matty J Smith and we stopped all over this country's landmarks making up dirty lies about them all the way. the series we called "American Wheel Brothers: Education" we filmed 1 or 2 a day, and i edited them on mu grrlls mac book while Matt drove. 9 episodes total, though the last one never made it to air (web air... i mean like we never uploaded it) it took us about 4 or 5 episodes to figure out how to use the mic right, but i think we settled into something pretty entertaining, and by which i mean i just watched them and felt good as apposed to my first couple college movies i watch and feel bad about. I basically rate movies with the same chart doctors use to ask children how much pain their in and this was the smiley face that's happy but not so happy he shows his teeth. anyways. check them out they are on youtubez under TheyHurtTheCity which was a thing i did but i guess I'll talk about that another time. I did make a pretty touching clip show from all the best footage and put it to Matt's hilarious song "Rap Snax" which we used for the theme of the show. so i don't think I'll be making another show on this next trip out, (since i lack the fine equipment of my compadre) but surely as the major driving force for me to quote un quote (yes i know i could just use actual ""'s) grow up and move out of my parents house is, yes to move in with my very patient fiance, but also to make more hobby films with Matt and other cherished cast members of my life. so thinking about a season 2, has been on my mind. and there are a few different ways i am thinking we could take it (one of which being to move on and make season 2 into season 1 of something less slap-dash) including touring different parts of the city with the same general motif, green screening our selves into space and making it American wheel brothers: trans-terrestrial, or even playing off the continuing story of matts ghoulish infection which culminated in a finally that no one has, and maybe shouldn't ever see. as well i want to review movies in a funny way with Branden when i get out there ...but that's pretty cut and dry. Man i do not have the attention span to type more than this, So in short... spread your Cheeks L.A. cause I'm coming. and I've got plenty of filmz to makes. Simon's career lull is coming to a close, and pun pun whatever you get it goodbye.