Friday, March 22, 2013

Simon: from rags to nicer rags

headline: Simon still sits around not being productive... world waits with baited breath. so I've been keeping sketch ideas in my iPhone notes app, and yes the important thing to take from that sentence is that i have an iPhone. these sketches range from the dream i had where what eating Gilbert grape took place in a dieing movie rental house, to john Wayne footage with fart sounds added every time he takes a step. some pure gold in there I'm sure. but for the sake of not tipping my hand (cause it really isn't a very good hand) i wont divulge any more A+ Number 1 Ideas .... whats that? ok... one more: a gritty looking alley way, a man leans against a wall smoking a cigarette, suddenly another man walks up to him and asks for a light. off screen we hear a director yell "cut" and pull back to see it is a movie set, the man who asked for the light grabs one of the arri film lights and runs off. so yeah i guess I'm still into making movies but my goal right now is to get to l.a. and find a job that pays well doing anything i can then work on the film stuff on the side. so yeah... not jaded at all. anyways. i recently watched all of the web series "sonic for hire" on machinima s you tube page, its OK, i like it cause i get most of the references, but it is one of those things that's clearly trying to hard to be vulgar/funny and that's kind of annoying, but what can i say i sat through it, and even though they are 2 minute episodes they are into the 6th season of it and have over 2 hours of content. so for now I'll leave you with the soothing sounds of smash mouth's all star* *participants must imagine song in their own head to qualify

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